February 12, 2007

I'm re-vamping my site. In the interim, here's the latest news...

My book is now available EVERYWHERE!: I'm hitting the road to come see Y-O-U in February and March. but why wait 'til then? ROLLERGIRL: Totally True Tales from the Track is now available. Visit www.rollergirlthebook.com for all the details. Check out this totally badass ad Simon & Schuster made for my book. And be sure to look at my Book Tour Schedule so you can come say hi!

Peter Elliott & the Sellouts: I'm playing Stella, a gorgeous Nord Electro 2. Listen to Peter's irresistible songs here.

Texas Rollergirls Update: The Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners are heading to Tucson for the Dust Devil Tournament. Visit the Texas Rollergirls for details, and check out my Melicious page.

Karaoke Apocalypse: Visit the official Karaoke Apocalypse web site for the songlist and make us your friend on myspace.

F*ck, yeah. Social D came through Texas one more time before wrapping up their seemingly unending tour. I saw them three times and honestly, it wasn't enough. But it was really fun.

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Current Celebrity Obsession: Mike Ness. Always. And Hugh Laurie, fantastic as House, charming as himself. British accent and all.

What I'm Reading: Daniel Silva - The Messenger. I've also been re-visiting the horse racing-related mysteries by Dick Francis.

What's on my playlist: Peter Elliott, Tsar (I defy you to not get "Band-Girls-Money" stuck in your head), Blackpool Lights, The Chelsea Smiles, Social D, Jason Mraz, The Explosion, Beck, Charlie Sexton, Bullets And Octane, The Clash, Barry Manilow, and the Karaoke Apocaloypse playlist.

Latest TV Addictions: House. Jeopardy! The Office.

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